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Heroine Hindi Movie Review, Release Date, Star Cast, Wallpapers & Other Movie Report


Upcoming Hindi Movie : Heroine : Review,Upcoming Movie : Heroine : Release Date, Heroine : Star Cast, Heroine : Wallpapers Download, Heroine : Movie Details Download  —



Details ::

Producer                 Ronnie Screwvala, Madhur Bhandarkar
Director                    Madhur Bhandarkar
Music                        Salim-Sulaiman
Release Date          24-Apr-2012



Cast ::

Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Arunoday Singh, Shahana Goswami



Movie Report ::

About Movie:-After his incredible run of women-centric films from Chandni Bar, Page 3, Satta and Corporate to the blockbuster Fashion , produced by UTV, Madhur Bhandarkar now turns his lens inward and presents his most ambitious work yet – HEROINE.

The film is based on the life and times of a superstar heroine from the dream factory we call ‘Bollywood’. The film is an entertaining, daring, emotional, shocking, glamorous, scandalous behind-the-scenes account of the reality behind the world of glitz and glamour that our film stars inhabit. For a country obsessed with films and film stars, HEROINE will take audiences on a voyeuristic journey to see what really goes on behind the closed doors of make up rooms and vanity vans. It will give them a chance to go beyond the gorgeous smiles and politically correct quotes, to see what really happens in the lives of India’s sweethearts – The sniping & the politics, the secrets & the lies, the incredible highs of fame & the lonely depths of failure. Bhandarkar was toying with the idea of making a movie portraying the lives of movie actresses. He had even bought the rights for using the title Heroine for his movie from Guddu Dhanoa

The movie shows that the lead protagonist gets into a relationship with a married actor and a portion of the movie shows the actress’s relationship with the children of the actor from his first marriage.



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